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To become a sound sleeper in our Youth Guesthouse just call +49-711-241132 or submit the booking form.

Richard Wagner Str. 2
70184 Stuttgart (Mitte)

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  YG Ludwigsburg
  YG Leonberg
  YG Pforzheim
  YG Reutlingen
  Daimler Guesthouse

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Situated at a certain altitude near the forested area at the foot of the famous TV Tower of Stuttgart, our much visited and well occupied Youth Guesthouse makes a popular meeting point. One of the reasons for its popularity being no doubt, its lively and comfortable atmosphere. Furthermore our friendly and cooperative staff is always willing and gladly provides you with information regarding all the “happening joints” and current events of the city which are worth a visit.

We also have valuable tips for our foreign students, depending on the amount of time left at their disposal. Visit the Mercedes-Benz Museum, the Wilhelma (the zoological park of the city) or the Art Galleries well known all over Germany.

Even the city Opera, Ballet and the two current Musicals (The 3 Musketeers and the Wicked – Witches of Oz) deserve an extra overnight. Book your stay prior to the main highlight events of the city, namely the summer festival, the Carnival and the Christmas market.

Both our hostels with their breathtaking rooftop view of Stuttgart are equipped to provide boarding, lodging (catch a glimpse(Virus checked ZIP file)) and educational guidance to students and job trainees of vocational institutes. Besides that our competitive prices are interesting not only to tourist groups from abroad, but also to the young and not so young travellers from all over the world.

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