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To become a sound sleeper in our Youth Guesthouse just call +49-7231-3594-41 or submit the booking form.

Westliche Karl-Friedrich-Straße 79 75172 Pforzheim

  YG Furtwangen
  YG Ludwigsburg
  YG Leonberg
  YG Reutlingen
  YG Stuttgart
  Daimler Guesthouse

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Are you looking for some cheap accommodation in Pforzheim?

If the answer is “Yes”, then our youth guesthouse is the ideal solution. Situated in the heart of the city, it offers accommodation for on the job trainees, seminar groups, backpack tourists, professionals attending courses or on training. It is also a recognised children’s hostel for schools in Germany.

Our guesthouse lies in a park which is located near the city centre and is easily accessible by public transport. Whether you arrive by train or by car, the guesthouse can be reached in just a few minutes after reaching Pforzheim.

Are you planning a trip? Or do you happen to require accommodation for a long period of time? Just get in touch with us- we would love to inform you with more details.

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