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To become a sound sleeper in our Youth Guesthouse just call +49-7152-92856-0 or submit the booking form.

Fockentalweg 14

71229 Leonberg

  YG Furtwangen
  YG Ludwigsburg
  YG Pforzheim
  YG Reutlingen
  YG Stuttgart
  Daimler Guesthouse

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Are you planning a trip with either school children, or your colleagues, members of a club or an organization or with participants of a seminar?

Or do you happen to require accommodation for a longer period of time? We provide good service and a comfortable stay at an economical price.

Our constant guests are among others, student’s pursueing a vocational profession in one oOf the many schools and vocational training institutes here in Leonberg. They therefore stay mostly for 3 to 4 weeks. Those requiring accommodation for a longer period could even book a single room with us.

In off season, i.e. on weekends and school holidays we gladly accommodate larger groups, members of clubs, school classes, families with friends and youngsters travelling in groups.

Single travellers who are not fussy about staying in a youth hostel are also welcome.

In short al guests, travelling either alone or in groups, wanting to stay either for a short or long periods are welcome throughout the year.

Your Team at the youth guesthouse – Leonberg.

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